• 2015


    (Nameless-Cao Shu Solo Exhibition,Opencast Space,Hangzhou,China)

    1080p HD Double Channel Video


    This piece is made up of two Channel HD video Installation, which display video the artist captured on the streets of Hangzhou. The shots of passers-by are taken at a distance of a few to ten or more meters capturing old folks, manual laborers, students, young white-collar workers, and bosses of restaurants. When the passers-by realize they are being filmed the shot ends immediately, changing to a completely different scene, capturing the process of a completely different encounter. There is a sense of longing which is never quenched together with the immediacy of fast-paced life. The moment their eyes meet the camera (maybe they collided), that is, the moment they meet with the audience (though the camera replaces the later audience). The real point of this work is placed on that moment of meeting between the work and the audience. 



    1080p 高清双屏影像

    时长 10'16''