• 2015


    1080p HD Double Channel Video


    This is a double screen hd video work. The artist set up the camera in the streets of Hangzhou, focusing on the passers-by----old people, workers, students, young office workers, bosses of the restaurant, etc. Once the passers-by saw the camera, lens and screeching will stop immediately and quickly switch to a picture and start another encounter process.There is a feeling of longing for more and instant rhythm of fast pace of life.The moment when their eyes meet with lens (which might be a collision for them)is the moment of meeting the audience.The emphasis is that it is at the moment that the work and the audience really meet. This may be some kind of ultra moving that works of art bring to the audience,even though the word has been over chicken soup.


    1080p 高清双屏影像

    时长 10'16'' 

    这是一部双屏高清影像作品, 艺术家在杭州街头架起摄像机, 在几米甚至十几米之外将镜头对准一个个遇到的路人, 有老 人、工人、学生模样的少年、上班族青年、餐馆的老板等等, 一旦路人看到摄像机, 镜头便嘎然而止, 迅速切换到一个画 面里, 开始另一个相遇过程,有种欲说还休的意犹未尽和快 速生活下的即时节奏。他们的目光与镜头相遇的那一刻( 对 他们来说也许是相撞), 也即是与观众相遇的那一刻( 只是 当时镜头代替了后来的观众), 而重点在于, 是这个作品和 观众真正相遇的那一刻。——这或许正是艺术作品带给观众 的某种超于日常的感动, 尽管这个词已经被过度鸡汤化了。 文字摘自张宗希 --《东方艺术大家》