• 2014

    An Uncountable Noun

    1080p HD 3 Channel Animation 5'42''

    The material for this three-screen animation installation comes from particular movements found in the intertwinement of real life and the internet. The three screens are divided into three parts pointing towards the internal space (close-up) the external space (mid-shot) and the long shot. The purpose of implementing multiple screens is to give the audience a sense of the perspectives “here” and “elsewhere” at the same time.  The artist seeks to combine both video and painting a means of calling our attention to the rapid pace in which our modern social lives are changing, as well as the rapid rate in which details of a given time are consumed and then forgotten. At any given moment, the common occurrences of daily life manifest the cupola of reality, the common objects of daily life become elements of the social theatre, this kind sur-realness is a sort of objective realness which lingers behind reality. The plot of the piece folds out like that of a play, in which the characters and objects function as props like the juxtapositioning of uncountable nouns.


    1080p 高清三屏动画 时长 5'42''

    这部三通道动画素材取自互联网每天发生的新闻中的细节动作, 三个屏幕分别指向内部,外部和远方, 多屏合一的目的也是企图想让观众同时感受到此在和“别处”的视角。无数声音混杂在一起,构成了一个持续膨胀的时代,以及很多被迅速消费并被遗忘的时代细节。平实的生活物件会幻化成社会剧场中的元素, 这种超现实是隐藏在现实背后的客观真实。物件和人物作为道具呈现其本身的存在内涵, 它们的存在本身并不依赖于特定的动作或情节, 就像被并置出现的不可数名词。

    展示方式: 依据现场空间条件寻求不同展示方案