• 2014

    An Uncountable Noun

    1080p HD 3 Channel Animation 5'42''

    The three channel animation installaton material is from the details of life action intertwined with the network and reality. Three screens are respectively pointed to the inner space (feature), external space (middle ground) and vision. The purpose of the multi-screen is an attempt to let the audience feel here and "elsewhere" perspective at the same time respectively. I attempt to suggest the rapid changes in our modern social life by combining images and paintings by site and many age details that are quickly consumed and forgotten. In a certain time, commonplace daily will show the side of piercing the reality. Plain living object will be turned into social theatre elements. As the animation using space as a basic vocabulary and methods, the plot mode of operation is more similar to the drama. Objects and characters present their own existence connotation as props. Their existence itself does not depend on the specific action or plot. Adverbs are reactionary; Adjectives are terrible; Verbs are dangerous; Only nouns are objective and true.


    1080p 高清三屏动画 时长 5'42''

    这部三屏幕动画影像装置的素材取自互联网世界与现实交织在一 起的生活中的细节动作, 三个屏幕分别指向内部空间( 特写), 外部空间( 中景) 和远景, 多屏的目的也是企图想让观众同时感 受到此在和“别处”的视角。 我企图通过影像和绘画结合的现场, 提示我们现代社会生活的急速变化, 以及其中很多被迅速消费并遗忘的时代细节。在某些特 定时间, 司空见惯的日常会显现出其洞穿现实的一面, 平实的生 活物件会幻化成社会剧场中的元素, 这种超现实是隐藏在现实背后的客观真实。作为以空间为基本语汇和手段的动画, 但其中的 情节运作方式更类似于戏剧的发生, 物件和人物作为道具呈现其 本身的存在内涵, 它们的存在本身并不依赖于特定的动作或情节, 就像被并置出现的不可数名词。

    展示方式: 依据现场空间条件寻求不同展示方案