• 2017

    Dialogue begin with HI

    (OUT OF SERVICE, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, China)

    Projection Installation,CG Moving Image


    This is a dialogue between two chat robots, besides the initial “hi”, there was no human participation. The entire process was completed by the AI itself automatically. In addition to some half-comprehensible sentences, the dialogue talks a lot about love and philosophical propositions. The projection apparatus uses this dialogue as a means to manifest and simulate the topics addressed in the conversation. Dialogues, a lot like normal human communication, sometimes get trapped into bug-like loops. This sort "paradox" is like a verse in a poem, and the two AIs are like the two people waiting for Godot.





    这是两个聊天机器人之间的对话,除了第一声hi 之外,没有人类参与,全部由AI 自动完成。鉴于机器之间交流的随机语句组合,其间除了一些半懂不懂的句子之外,对话也有大量情节关于爱情、关于哲学命题。此投影装置借由这段对话展开,是对这段对话情节的模拟。对话时而如正常人类之间的交流,时而陷入Bug 般的重复,这种“似是而非”像诗句一样,两个AI亦如同等待戈多的两个人。