• 2016

    A Corner in the Park Project:

    The past is not real, but a skill, or rather, a technique of memory that we take to describe the past.I found a new way to talk about myself and what I am thinking,that is the computer graphic.The project is starting at 2015.During the process of reading all the diaries of my childhood, a person without name, suddenly appeared. I went back to the memory scene, looking for the evidence of her existence. Going through 81 clues providing each other with background, I completed the fragmentation of the puzzle. This is a time tracer’s diary, a detective novel written in space, the perplexing crossroads finally point to a person, the one gradually disappeared in the memory.

    That is a new turn of my art language,because I found that only what makes me having a genuine and sincere desire could force precisely language.So the project what I am doing recently is not only some new kinds of language works,but also anatomy of my subconscious.


    这个方案将呈现为一个空间中的全方位综合展示。一本小说, 多屏幕同步影像, 立体声音空间, 笔记方案, 绘画, 装置