• 2018

    Corner of the Park | Prologue

    (“Cross Domain”Sino-Japanese Youth Art Exhibition,Jin Ji Lake Art Museum,Suzhou,China)

    In the process of reading through his childhood diaries, a long-forgotten image reemerges in the author s mind. This project is about returning to the scene of memory in search of evidence of an individual s existence. It forms a fragmented mosaic through 81 interrelated threads. This is a visual novel that continuously unfolds within the space of the museum.This prologue to Corner of the Park being exhibited here is based on the painting Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. This is a five channel computer-generated video in which five corners of the world sometimes align as a unified whole, and sometimes divide into separate comers, but all of this is merely a portion of the world. The five channel installation is generated by a computer. The continuous camera shot appears to wander through the ruins of memory in a dream realm, with dreams and memories weaving together in fabrication. As the channels converge and diverge, objects serve as backdrops for each other. Concealed behind the curtains of memory are the “actors” out of their makeup, and scenes repressed by the subconscious.The Moving Image Installation is a chapter of the author's Project"Mnemosyne".

    公园一角 | 序