• 2017

    Corner of the Park

    (2018 Annecy Animation Film Festival,Annecy,France)

    3D Pre-rendered Video(HAPQ.mov)


    During the process of re-reading all the diaries of the author's childhood, a long forgotten silhouette suddenly emerges out of an old memory. The artist returns to the scene of the memory and to search for evidence of her existence. The entire film is rendered by computer software and is filmed in one shot from beginning to end, like a roamer roams about through a dream, shuttling between the ruins of memories, where dreamland and one’s memories interweave in fabrication and deviation. Behind the scenes, within the intervals of memories, are the “actors” without their makeup, scenes which are suppressed by the subconscious. The film is an overture from the project “Corner of the Park”, continuing the work which was done years ago. The project sets out to form a complex labyrinth-style network of narratives regarding memory.