• Sisyphus

    CG Moving Image Installation


    Cao Shu's installation "Sisyphus in the Park Corner" is built with a computer graphics program and highlights the artist's fascination with the relationship between the visions of memory and virtual technology. Stories, rumours,scenarios, and technology-like visuals blend realism and falsehood.The technology opens up perceptions that were previously inaccessible to any medium. Memories of flashbacks to the artists childhood in China exist in a row of 24 frames and with no linear narrative. Thorough its title, Cao Shu describes memory as being like the myth of Sisyphus, who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again.




    作品“西西弗斯”,是一个计算机模拟出的影像装置,作者在作品中建立起一种真实视觉和虚构之间的关系。故事、传闻、情景,和似真似假的视技术性视觉搅在一起,打开了以往任何媒介难以触及的一些感知。回忆中只有不断闪回的连续24 帧情景,并没有线性的叙事。记忆有点像西西弗斯神话,石头到了山顶,故事就结束,并不存在这个情景的起因和结局,这是个一个个令人着迷的环,一个个琐碎日常的时间环组成了记忆的海。