• 2015

    The Horizon



    The Cigarette Case, Propylene 850cm x 20cm

    The material of the work is 135 cigarette cases, which I scattered collected in ten years time.One of the earliest boxes is a cigarette box named "unity",produced in1967 and the latest is a box with the brand of cigarette "China"produced in 2015.The work is the disposing of 135 different cigarette case.On the basis of keeping the design on the cigarette cases ,I connected them up,forming a connection of the scenery of up to 8.5 meters long.The space limitation of the scenery objects' appearing in turn according to the time sequence cause the local development of the whole picture object due to their own eye movements. In the course of people’s using living objects that is similar to cigarette case, the pattern on them gradually lost its meaning of scenery,becoming a kind of symbol mark - LOGO. I want to restore its original meaning——as landscape.The horizon is just a kind of desire,a line formed by visual deception,constantly delaying things,never reaching place,the direction of big words such as "art" and "time" are pointing at, just like "The Last Word".




    这个作品的材料是135个烟盒, 是我在十年时间里零散收集 来的, 最早的一盒 是生产自1967年的“团结”, 最晚的一盒是 2015 年的“中华”. 作品是对135个不同烟盒的处理, 保留烟盒上面的图案 LOGO, 再用颜料遮盖其他部分, 将之连接成为一个长达 8.5 米的风景长卷。烟盒在人们的使用过 程中, 其上面的图案逐步失去其风景的意涵, 成为一种符号标识, 我想恢复其原本的风景意义。地平线只是一种愿望, 是视觉欺骗形成的一根线, 不断延迟的东西, 永远到 不了的所在, 是 “艺术”、“时间”等大 词所指向的方向, 就像“最后一句话 ”。