• Flash Cards2007-2016

    (Drawing·Art of Re-Zuo,Nanjing Art Academy Museum,Nanjing,China)

    1080p HD

    Animation 5'38''

    The content of this work is a summary of popular net lingo circulating since the year 2000, it is an ongoing project and continues to this day. During childhood cards with pictures are used to force the brain to passively accept vocabulary through the means of drawing relationships between words and pictures. As is the case with memorizing any form of vocabulary, the acceptance of the new vocabulary from the internet, with the provocation and influence of the media, is a nationalities’ and a nation’s active process of accepting new vocabulary. 

    看图识字 2007-2016

    (素描三·再造的艺术,南京艺术学院美术馆 , 南京,中国)

    1080p 高清动画

    时长 5'38''

    简介: 作品内容是 2000 年之后的互联网流行词汇的汇总,计划持续进行至今。童年时期会有一种看图识字卡片让大脑强制性的被动接受一些词汇,制造词语和图像之间的关系。同样是记忆词汇,如今对于互联网新词的接纳,在媒体的刺激和影响下,是一个族群、一个国家主动接受新出现词汇的过程。这种对于话语知识结构的接纳过程随着中国的改革开放呈现《1984》向《美丽新世界》的转向。