• 2015


    (Nameless-Cao Shu Solo Exhibition,Opencast Space,Hangzhou,China)


    Readymades Cutting, Propylene 

    150cm *35cm

    This work deals with the process of cutting off objects which surround me, including the keyboard that I often tap away at, a CD player I often listen to,  lipstick of my ex-girlfriend, old books, etc. I painted these items in yellow, leaving only one package for each item. Above each item, there is space for only one word on top of the package. Eventually, the words are placed on the same level, forming a sentence—"We don't want to be what you want us to be." After the process of cutting is complete, all the words remain at the same level.






    这件作品是对身边物的切割处理, 包括经常敲击的键盘、听 的 CD 盒、前女友的口红、旧书等等,我把这些物品涂成黄色, 每件物品只留下一个包装上面的单词, 最终这些物品上的单 词处在同一水平线上, 组成一句话——“我们不想成为你们 希望的样子”。在切割处理后, 所有单词保持在同一水平线 上。